Project Billing within your Slack workspace has been made really easy with Remoty.

To have this feature available for your team, you will have to enable the Daily Questionnaires from the General Settings tab of Remoty's web app.

In order to create a new project and assign it to your team members, you have to go the HomeTab of Remoty in your Slack workspace and Add a new project. You can add all the relevant details and assign the project to the desired team or team members.

The projects assigned to different team members will be shown in their projects list in the HomeTab.

In order to log time against a specific project, you will have to select the project from the dropdown list in the daily questionnaire which pops up at the time of clock-in or clock-out (whatever you have selected in the web app settings).

The working hours will be calculated against the project selected and the timesheets will be made according to that.

In order to export the Project Billing Reports you will have to go to the Timesheets section of the web app and select the type as Projects. As a result, you will get an editable CSV file.

If you do not want to recreate projects, you can simply import them from yourJira or ClickUp workspace. You just have to integrate Remoty with the desired project management tool to enable the two way synchronization.

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