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How to setup Teams in Remoty?
How to setup Teams in Remoty?
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You can create teams in Remoty to make it easier to access data & manage settings across different groups of users.

In order to create a new team, go to the Organization section of the web app.

Click on the Add New Team button, and enter a team name. To save time, you can quickly add users from your Slack workspace into the team you are making

Once you select the channel, you can see all the members from the channel listed. You can select the members you want in your team & hit save.

You can use these Teams to filter down data & manage settings by using the team selector visible in top navigation.

Whenever you update any setting it is applied to all the members who are part of the team selected on top which gives you the freedom to setup different leave quotas for different teams or different check-in questions for different teams.

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