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How to use Remoty as Jira time tracker?
How to use Remoty as Jira time tracker?
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Along with tracking time on native projects, Remoty can now work as your time tracker for Jira projects too.

As a first step to let this happen, you will have to integrate Jira with Remoty. In order to do that, you just have to follow a 2-step simple process.

  1. Go to the Integrations section of Remoty's web app

  2. Allow Jira to integrate with Remoty

  3. You will have to give permission to Remoty to access your Jira workspace

  4. Select the Projects that you want to get imported in Remoty

⚠️ Please note that each member of your team will have to complete this process to let Remoty access their issues in Jira.

What happens after the Integration is done?

Once the integration is successful:

  1. All the existing issues of the selected Jira project(s) that are assigned to you will be imported to Remoty

  2. The Projects list will be updated in your workspace and your web app portal

  3. The Jira imported projects come with a prefix and will be placed in a separate section so you can manage projects easily

At the time of the clock-in, all the Jira issues assigned to you will be shown in the dropdown so you can select them to log your working hours against that specific issue.

At the time of clock-out, you will get an automated message from Remoty where you can change or update the status of the Jira issue that you had worked on. The updated status your Jira issues will be automatically reflected in your Jira workspace.

The total working hours logged against this specific Jira issue will be updated in your Jira workspace as well as in the Remoty timesheets & project billing reports.

Remoty's web app also provides you with a real time live status of all the activities logged by your team members while working on their Jira issues.

General Settings for Jira time tracker

Once the integration has been done, you can change the general settings in the web app. You can do the following as per your requirements:

  1. Add new projects

  2. Remove the existing added projects

  3. Import issues of your whole team

  4. Enable or disable status updation of Jira issues in Remoty

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